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Speech Writing Not As Easy As It Sounds

Speech Writing can take a heck of a lot of time, especially when you are not sure what you are doing.

Speech Writing is a skill (maybe even an art).

You need to understand exactly what your objective is.
You need to craft your speech so that it engages and challenges your audience.
You need to use language and imagery that is easy to understand.
Your speech introduction needs to get the audience wanting to hear more (in other words you need to get them interested from the word go).
The speech needs to flow effortlessly towards the conclusion.
And the conclusion itself needs to pull your whole speech together and leave your audience in no foubt what they need to do.

All of this sounds pretty easy when you are reading an article on speech writing like this.
But it is a lot harder to do when the clock is ticking away towards that big speech or presentation that you need to give.

When people talk about the fear of public speaking we often conjur up images of speakers quivering with stage fright.
Yet as a speech writer with over 20 years experience I know that many senior executives arent worried about getting up to speak. They are worried about what to say in the first place.

So if that is you. If you have a speech that you must get absolutely right then


 Show Me The Money!

You might feel that paying for the services of a speech writer is a bit extravagent.
Let me put it this way, when you cant fo a job at work (like, say, the accounts) you bring in an expert to help you.
That is what you are doing by hiring a speech writer like me.

You are gaining access to my 20 years experience of writing speeches in the corporate arena.
We can all write a speech just like we can all learn to sail or cook a curry. But some of us take longer than others and we never become champions.

I am a natural writer. I am a published author and a graduate in History from the University of Birmingham. I am also a Magistrate in court, so I know a fair bit about writing and using words effectively. In fact, I would say it comes naturally to me.
Consequently, I can write speeches pretty quickly once again saving you time.
And how much is your time worth?

Moreover, I am a champion public speaker and I bring that ability and flair to the speeches that I write for people just like you.


Let me ask you another question?

How much is the speaking opportunity worth to you & your organisation?

Now how much are you willing to spend to maximise that opportunity?

See how much I charge for speech writing

So if you want to save time and get a speech that is gauranteed to hit the mark then I strongly suggest that you invest in the services of a speech writer.

NO B*S, Just A Good Honest Guy!

I dont pretend to have written speeches for Kings and Prime Ministers.

What I do is writer speeches for people just like you.
People who are successful but dont have an army of PR gurus working for them.
People to whom speech writing is just another chore to be juggled with amongst all the other jobs that leaders have to do.

Let me take that strain & stress off your shoulders let me write your speech.

Chris Green Speech Writer