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Your Message

Have you ever listened to a speech that seemed to be going nowhere fast?

If it has a point, it is totally lost on you. In fact, you begin to wonder whether the speaker actually knows what he is talking about or why he is talking.
The sad bit is that the speaker is probably beginning to think he or she is lost too!

So, the first thing I help you with is to identify the purpose of your speech and the key message that you want to leave people with.

Then we work out a structure so that you cover the key points that support your message and create a narrative that flows logically for your audience. We include a powerful introduction that grabs people’s attention. Finally, we write a strong conclusion that ties everything you’ve been talking about together and leaves the audience in no doubt as to what you want them to do next.

Your Passion

 How many speeches and presentations have you sat through where the speaker is lacklustre and drones on and on?

Quite frankly, if you come across like you don’t care why on earth should your audience care on your behalf?

There is an old expression “hearts and minds”. The problem is that most people just talk to minds. We try to use logic and facts to influence and gain commitment. The problem is that we humans are emotional animals. We make emotional not rational decisions. So if you want to get real “buy-in” and engagement you have to speak from the heart.

So I work with you to remove all the layers of “management talk” to uncover why you really care about what you are speaking about.

It’s okay we are not talking about tears and team hugs but we will be releasing that passion that you have and that you want others to see and believe in.

Your Delivery

It’s no good having a perfectly crafted speech if you come across poorly.

You need to look and sound like you mean business.

That means you need to use positive body language and gestures.

It means that you need to sound interesting, lively, passionate about your message.

Some people find that harder to do that others.

As an experienced public speaker I can help you practise your delivery and give you advice on how to make it better and better.

The great news is that you are getting feedback from someone who really knows what they are talking about and who does not have to please the boss or their loved one!

By working with me, not only do you improve your delivery so that it matches the passion of the message but you are practising too. As the old expression goes: “Familiarity breeds confidence.”

I Can Help You

About the Author

Chris is a speech writer, public speaker and communications expert based in Atlanta, Georgia. If you would like help from Chris and his team on your next presentation or speech, you can reach out to him at

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